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What exactly is the Cashcow-Talent?

A cash cow is the product in a company that simply earns money without a lot of effort or advertising, so it is practically a sure-fire success. In this capacity, it can, for example, finance innovations that do not generate a return on investment at the beginning. According to my definition, the cash cow talent is the point of your character qualities and abilities with which you can generate an income without effort. To do this, you have to specialize in it and first need a broad pro­fessional field that suits you.

Why would you want to know your Cashcow-Talent?

Because your highest inner authority knows, where you should specialize in and why you earn money with this !

My service for you is my competence in that matter

I have a special nose to determine which of your qualification, nature aspects and ideas will lead to income.

Book your cash cow talent session now and work in sync with your higher intention:

Prerequisite: You have already chosen a preferred professional field and want to move forward in it.


Gabriel Waldeyer

How can you self-realize yourself with a holy cash cow ?

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