Self-realization with a holy cash cow

Initial situation:

Today's (western) society does not (unfortunately) work without money. A lack of money awareness / evaluation has a negative influence on creativity and thus on self-realization.

Even if money were to be abolished, there would still be a need to equalize an unilateral service, e.g. by giving back services or products in exchange.

To put it positively: money is the engine that drives professional activity in today's society. Some say materialized energy.

A visionary whom I hold in high esteem sees the introduction of an unconditional basic income as a cure for this dilemma.

In my opinion, the implementation of this vision is only ripe for a decision when no more gifts can be collected from painful professional work or excessive demands due to pressure to perform and the awareness of doing from a state of being, which corresponds to one's own core being seen as a desirable quality and the recognition of this is also taught in schools.

Approach: "create your holy cash cow step-by-step"

Since we don't have all of this at the moment, you should, unless you live on pension, state aid, savings or relatives, build yourself a "cash cow", a constant flow of money that does not cause you much trouble.

But it should be "holy" so that it can carry you to your self-realization, as I judge yourself respectively your higher core self as being holy.

Incidentally, self-realization does not always have to take place in a professional context. The job can also be a means to an end, for example: self-realization through building a family.

Unholy cash cow number 1: "passive income without essence"

Many want to generate a passive income in order to avoid the hassle of working 9 am-5pm-MON-FRI in inconsistent places and with inconsistent activities.

The generation of passive income from the sole motivation to combat a deficiency is not only dishonest in my view, but even counterproductive.

For your environment and, above all, for yourself.

Because in order to achieve this, you have to put a lot of energy, time or money into something, i.e. put everything on one horse or card, which actually does not correspond to you.

A passive income that is not yours must be passive, because if it were active, it would be harmful for you, in the sense of exhausting, because not effortlessly and not from the heart, i.e. meaningless.

Unholy cash cow number 2: "Begging online marketing or orientation on the outside instead of the inside"

It pains me when I see how many highly-talented, who live their self-fulfillment (including artists and life coaches), mostly driven by the need for existence create "content" in social media just to become "visible" and get customers. Or do online marketing, which immediately shows that psychological advertising tricks are being used to generate new customers. To come out as a supplicant and beggar, so to speak. How much more pleasant would it be to be completely independent of this and have former customers advertise completely voluntarily through word-of-mouth?

Many also line up in all possible directions or align themselves with market needs in order to get as many customers as possible and, therefore, bend on the outside world.

Professional activities that are not suitable for you, no customers come because they feel your need for them or self-doubt / lack of conviction due to your bending, keep you in a constant frustration loop.

Holy cash cow "Focusing on the effortless use of your qualities":

Concentrate 100% on your 0.1% uniqueness, your "inner drive".

That means: leaving out everything that does not belong to you, you have taken over and all conditioning that does not really make you out or interest you.

It should be something you can do all day without looking at the clock.

This occupation will always fill you and charge you with positive energy.

And you build up a competence and depth of knowledge that increases your value more and more.

Essence qualities always have a spiritual and a material correspondence

In the material world it is your talents, your character, your way of expressing yourself, your physical or cognitive abilities, the sound of your voice, your interests, etc….

And every phase of life has its own needs, truths, and laws. There is nothing negative about involvement in itself, as it serves our development.

If we always started with the 100% perfect or true, we would die without ever starting.

So approach this target pragmatically respectively step-by-step:

• If your current job is NOT easy for you or if your employer or your customers do not need your qualities, switch employers or your customers to those who can really appreciate your qualifications!

• Reduce the number of working hours if only the too much work is draining you, but not the content itself.

• Change the company or the customers if the environment is draining you, but not the activity itself.

• If you feel underpaid in your work, become aware of your worth, your skills and negotiate a raise on this basis. Ideally with a new job offer up your sleeve. If you change jobs due to insufficient pay, you should always get at least 20% more salary.

• Build up your self-realization PARALLEL to the “effortless bread job”. Especially when you have to finance yourself.

• Even if the "bread job" does NOT serve a higher goal at first, i.e. does not correspond 100% to your self-realization, it still corresponds to this, because its higher goal is to build up what is essential for you.

• A self-realization that is built up parallel to the “effortless bread job” inspires you to such an extent that you can do it without any problems.

Ask yourself the following question for your self-realization through a professional activity as a control question:

"With which of my many ideas, interests, talents, projects, services, target groups or products can I earn good money most effortlessly while maintaining joy?"

So always keep the focus on the cash cow in your portfolio. Which becomes increasingly holy, the more it serves your self-realization.

Even if your self-realization was intended privately, it is not unlikely that in a later phase of life this will almost automatically transition into your profession via this constant question.

Specialization in a non-joyful profession results in an increase in suffering and frustration. Specialization within a joyful professional field results in an increase in joy.

The increased frequency and energy conservation / increase, which you radiate more and more, will automatically determine your external value, i.e. your salary increases or your customers book you more and more. Your boss or your customers not only buy your product or service but also essentially your vibration.

Final target

You have reached your goal when you generate sufficient income from active activity, which corresponds 100% to your 0.1% essence and you no longer need a vacation because it is so fulfilling and does not require any effort. Because you act from a state of being.

Until then, your focus on the "effortless-good-money-making-activity" will bring you closer and closer to your goal.

From outer to inner wealth. You have made your way to your self-realization by using a cash cow talent to live your authentic and unique cash cow talent.

Success definition of a holy cash cow:

The definition of success in the Oxford English dictionary:

„The accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of fame, wealth, or social status [count noun] A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc.; [archaic] The good or bad outcome of an undertaking."

For a holy cash cow it could be:

"Achieved win-win result of an effortless operation; Occurrence of an effect resulting from unintentional, researching or playful activity for the benefit of all those involved out of a state of being."

Reference and your comments:

What is described here is a path of knowledge that I personally experienced and followed, that does not have to mean that it has to apply to everyone.

If I was able to inspire you with this topic or some statements or if you have other experiences that you would like to share, then leave your constructive comments . I like to research on this topic more and therefore value every aspect, which you can bring in.

Thank you and best regards,